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Alma Bookcase

Perfect combination with Nature, this bookcase with structured frames in precious stainless steel and ecological black cork brings character to the atmosphere. Effortless yet carefull exclusive storage and display of everything you love. For home and office environments.

  • Dimension:



  • Cork


  • Stainless Steel


Toni Grilo

The Franco-Portuguese Designer and Art Director was born in 1979 in France and graduate from the École Supérieure Boulle in Paris in 2001. In that same year he left for Portugal, and he chooses Lisbon to live and work. Toni found here its freedom of creation, rediscovered its roots and he met the artisan and its passion for technique processes and materials. In January 2005 he creates its first agency Objection with the designer Elder Monteiro but in 2008 he went solo to open his own studio creating products, furniture and scenography.
In 2008 he became the Artistic Director of Riluc and a new and surprising collection was born.

Currently based in Porto Toni Grilo is today one of the youngest and most internationally recognized Portuguese designers.
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